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Push-ups and pull-ups have always been considered the two best exercises that you can do to train your torso. The reason for that's these two exercises target every major muscle group of the upper body. You would be surprised regarding how good of shape you can get into whenever you only perform these two exercises. Ask anyone who has been through 'boot camp' and find out what kind of shape they're in? Ask them what exercises they did?

There are three good reasons why you should do both movements or exercises.

1. Saves time...these two workouts are compound movements, meaning they target several muscle at a time. Both of these exercises permit you to train virtually all of the muscles of the upper body. This really is helpful if time is really a element in your busy schedule.

2. Targets all the major muscles of your upper body. Push-ups or any kind of pushing movement like a bench press targets your chest, shoulders and triceps - half your torso. Pull-ups or any kind of pulling motion targets a totally different set of muscles. The pulling motion targets your back, biceps and forearm - the other major muscle groups of your torso.

3. Reduces shoulders and neck pain. Lots of upper back and neck pain is caused by muscle imbalance, brought on by over-training certain muscles over others. The truth that just about anybody can perform push-up or modified push-up makes it easy and easy to include this exercise. Unfortunately many people can't do pull-ups. Most women along with a large number of men can't do just a few pull-ups, so that they neglect this important exercise. This plays a role in muscle imbalance and a contributing step to upper back and neck pain. Performing an equal number of sets of both push-ups and pull-ups can help reduce the your chance of upper back and neck pain. Modified or Australian pull-ups are a good replacement for those who can't perform a complete pull-up. The advantage of the modified pull-up is that it enables you to off-load a certain amount of your personal body weight, thus enabling you to get the same advantage of a pull-up.


It's unfortunately, but both women and men are equally responsible for omitting pull-ups to their workout, and over-training their chest muscles. If you have been researching ways to add definition for your body be sure you train all the major muscles of the upper body - not just the pretty muscles you can see in the mirror. Whether it is free-standing pull-ups or modified pull-ups they're an excellent addition to supplment your training routine.

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